Buttersafe Expo 2013

Buttersafe Expo 2013: A message from Ray and Alex

History permeates the essence of every person, every place, every object on our small planet. It is the genetic code of time itself, the force which dictates how all that we know and love comes into being. Yet, paradoxically, though history maps the outcome of our existence, we are simultaneously the crafters of history. Though we have no ability to reach back and alter the history that created us, we can harness our collective agency to forge the next incarnation of history that will itself become the blueprint for the next generation to both operate within and battle against. It is this endless cycle–the push and pull between history and the history makers–which truly shapes our universe into the wondrous entity that it is.

This is similar to how a pizza chef shapes a pizza into a circle. Or sometimes a square/rectangle.


Eat Pizza with Friendly People

For those of you not familiar with Buttersafe Expo (BSX), it's a thing we do every year where we eat pizza. Ideally, we will eat pizza with YOU! We will be at Round Table Pizza in Pinole, California, and we'd like for you to join us! We will buy you pizza and soda and there will be a chair you can sit in. How grand!

However, if you are one of the billions of existing human beings that aren't near Pinole, California, fear not! The idea of BSX is to eat pizza with nice people, and those nice people don't have to be us! Wherever you are on August 31st, you should eat pizza. Eat it with friends, family, or if you're a nice person, you can just eat it with/by yourself! It will be enjoyable, trust us. If you're feeling extra social, use the BSX site to create a meet up, and if there happen to be any Butterfriends in the area, they can come and eat pizza with you. It has happened before, and it could happen again!

Afterward, we can share photos and laugh and cry and reminisce about how we all took part in a delicious global pizza party. It'll be great! And also cheesy.