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Conservation of Mass

Conservation of Mass

Thursday, January 17th, 2008 :: 12:01 am

I’m suffering from food poisoning right now, so this comic is somewhat autobiographical except that my barfing has not lead to any scientific triumphs.


Speaking of intense food-based bodily duress, do you remember the Ham Smash ‘Em Up, the follow-up in this news post, and the recipes we received? Michael, esteemed author of the first recipe on that list, along with his friends Ted and Jonathan, went and made his sandwich a reality. Here is the photo and video proof. Be forewarned that simply looking at the photographs will cause your arteries to fill with grease. I can only imagine the harm actually eating the sandwiches must have done, although the hilarious and telling before and after shots of the trio give some idea.

In any case, we salute these fine gentlemen for their noble work in crafting a sandwich worthy of the Ham Smash ‘Em Up name.