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June 20|Where Is My Phone?
June 13|No Brakes
June 6|Back Words
May 30|So Smooth
May 23|Job Interview
May 16|Matching Socks
May 9|Up and Away
May 2|The Guild of Assassins
April 25|Five Times Five
April 18|Into the Badlands
April 11|Are You Okay
April 4|Solar Eclipse
March 28|Whisker Guys
March 21|Slime in the City
March 14|How It Happened
March 7|New Pool
February 29|Wettest Fish
February 22|Fake People
February 15|Sunsrise
February 8|Crime Boyz: Auto Theft
February 1|Don’t Do It
January 25|Close Encounters
January 23|Are You Ready for Some Football?
January 18|Consider the Snail
January 11|In A Pit
January 4|Resolution Repetition


December 28|New Years at the Ol’ Pond
December 21|The Museum of Natural Santa History
December 14|Hurdles
December 12|I Got a Flat
December 7|Cover Me!
November 30|Staring at the Corner
November 28|A Part Of The Queue
November 23|Once There Was a Turkey
November 16|Volcano Dog
November 14|Take It As A Sign
November 9|Wait Up
November 7|Porch Pirate
November 2|Everyone is a Mayor
October 31|Jolly Octopus and the Empty Halloween Bowl
October 26|Hanging With the Monsters
October 24|how ya do a halloween
October 19|Rise
October 12|Spooky Camp
October 5|Pool of Blood
September 28|Cowloween
September 21|Chocolate for Veiny Dog
September 14|Cute Baby
September 7|What’s Cooking?
August 31|Flight Malfunctions
August 24|Master Swordsmen
August 17|Clam Comics 2
August 10|Clam Comics
August 3|They Invented a Gun to Shoot Something That Was Previously Thrown Comics
July 27|Dougless
July 20|Fish in a Barrel
July 13|A Boat and the Open Road
July 6|The Power of Rhyme
June 29|On the Hook
June 22|Big Stab
June 15|A Much Needed Vacation
June 8|Horse Cube
June 1|Died and Gone to Heaven
May 25|Coward Comics
May 18|Dance, Kid
May 11|Punch Monster’s Hypothetical
May 4|Oh Great
April 27|When I Grow Up
April 20|Witnessing a Murder
April 13|Double Fake
April 6|Grampa’s Regrets Comics
March 30|Running
March 23|Unknowable Pineapples
March 16|Stomping Flowers
March 9|In His Hands
March 2|Crime Boyz: Crimes of Passion
February 23|A Different Life
February 16|Dearest Clarence
February 14|Super Bowl – Pt 11
February 8|Am I in the Right Place?
February 2|Two Weeks to Live
January 26|Trash Curse
January 19|Yo-Yo Trick
January 12|Alien Encounter
January 5|Veiny Dog’s New Year’s Resolution


December 29|I Need a Kiss
December 22|Christmas Goblins
December 15|Email Scam
December 8|Cottage Life
December 1|Two Types of Stories, For Real
November 24|Thanksgiving Goblins
November 17|Two Types of Stories
November 10|Are You Ready?
November 3|A Dark Place
October 27|Halloween Goblins
October 20|It’s Alive
October 13|Monster Finger Comics
October 6|Little Kid
September 29|Wishes in the Forest
September 22|Lonely Together
September 15|Walking a Great Distance
September 8|Refrigerator Refreshment
September 1|Dystopian Future Zoo Comics
August 25|Bat on the Ceiling
August 18|A World Where Everyone Uses Stilts
August 11|Doctors Who Are Mostly Good at Their Jobs Except They Pronounce ‘Pelvis’ as ‘Belfis’ Comics
August 4|Doctors Who Only Know How to Use the Stethoscope Comics and, Even Then, Just Barely Comics
July 28|Off the Grid
July 26|Can You Watch My Baby
July 21|Saddest Turtle’s Hypothetical Question
July 14|Quaking of the Earth
July 12|The Crazy Story of the Day You Were Born
July 7|Magic Mirror
June 30|Weakman
June 23|Water Landing
June 16|Weather Report
June 9|Classic Japes Comics
June 2|Rock Garden
May 26|Growing Apart
May 24|Here Lies
May 19|Falls in the Forest
May 12|Veiny Dog Stuck in a Tree
May 10|Hey, Look at that Big Ass Dog!
May 5|Captain Ladybug
May 3|Saddest Turtle and the Turbulent Flight
April 28|Father’s Birthday
April 26|Happy Birthday, Dad!
April 21|Impactful
April 19|Drawing My Daughter
April 14|Crime Boyz: Milk Crime
April 7|Alone on My Birthday
April 5|Hi Bear Nation
March 31|First Wish
March 24|Cause of Death
March 22|Saddest Turtle’s Heart Condition
March 17|Who Needs Feet?
March 15|Bucket of Snakes
March 10|Do You Believe in the Future?
March 8|Triangle Circle Square
March 3|Cheap Potions
March 1|Tired and Runnin’ Out of Ideas
February 24|Frustration
February 17|The Giant
February 15|Super Bowl – Part 10
February 10|Kids Going on Dates Comics
February 3|Awake or Dreaming
February 1|Is There a Doctor on This Flight?
January 25|I’m Gonna Take a Nap. Don’t Wake Me.
January 20|Long Bar
January 18|My Favorite Place to Keep Ice Cream is the Freezer
January 13|Sleep Paralysis Demon
January 6|Atlas
January 4|Fish Food


December 30|Santa of the North
December 28|Happy New Day!
December 23|Stocking Stuffers
December 14|Pooping on the Plane
December 7|Fighting Game
December 2|This Guy’s Got Crab Hands
November 30|Sleep Number Bed
November 25|Tired Turkey
November 23|Say What You’re Thankful for, Saddest Turtle
October 5|Being bit by a guy with sharp teeth
September 21|Custard’s Flake for Dinner
August 31|Dream Invention
August 24|No Poopin’ Indoors
August 19|Time Traveling to Save My Butt: Part 6
August 17|My Own Boogeyman
August 12|Time Traveling to Save My Butt: Part 5
August 5|Time Traveling to Save My Butt: Part 4
July 29|Time Traveling to Save My Butt: Part 3
July 27|How Am I Driving?
July 22|Time Traveling to Save My Butt: Part 2
July 15|Time Traveling to Save My Butt: Part 1
July 11|Happy Sunday (and not Tuesday), Saddest Turtle!
July 8|Too Bright
July 1|Caught in the Waves
June 29|Rubbing One Out
June 24|New Animals
June 22|Woodpecker
June 17|Keeping the Poop In
June 15|Whiskey
June 10|Hiding With Humor
June 8|Enough Conflict
June 3|Mind Upload Machine
June 1|Two to Tango
May 27|New Dog
May 26|i’m still here
May 20|Mouth Cave
May 18|Use Your Noodle – Pt 2 (The Guy Whose Noodle Was Actually A Noodle)
May 13|One Hundred Bodies in the Sky
May 11|Ketchup Packets
May 6|The Monster in the Labrynth
May 4|Dude’s Clock
April 29|It Takes a While
April 27|First Day of Pre-School
April 22|Good Vibes
April 20|Does Anyone Remember Mr. Wallace?
April 15|A Simple Accident
April 13|celery with a face on it
April 8|How Many Snakes
April 6|Enter the Saddest Turtle-verse
April 1|In My Sleep
March 30|What Requests Have You For The Other Realm?
March 25|More or Less Fun
March 23|Whale Watching
March 18|Rules of the Game
March 16|Honey, I’m Home
March 11|Snake Snack
March 9|For A Dozen Eggs
March 4|Crime Boyz: Picking Pockets
March 2|If You Give A Shark A Human Arm
February 25|This Is the Pits
February 23|The Invention of the Sleeping Bag
February 18|Human Hybrids
February 16|Tiny Trees
February 11|Self Destruct Sequence
February 9|Super Bowl – Part 9
February 4|What Size Scorpion?
February 2|You Ever Feel So Thirsty
January 28|Working On the Garden
January 26|Peaceful Storm
January 21|Childish
January 19|Erasable Ink
January 14|Wardrobe
January 12|Buyers’ Remorse
January 7|Shrink Ray
January 5|I Don’t Wanna Wear A Mask


December 31|Progression of Time
December 29|Getting New Year’s Started Off Right
December 24|Unprepared For Christmas
December 22|Saddest Turtle’s Holiday Diet
December 17|Christmas Fight Club
December 15|Saddest Turtle and the Funny Filters
December 10|Page-A-Day
December 8|This Book Sucks
December 3|Feeling Different
December 1|The Legend of the Tiny Bigfoot
December 1|The Legend of the Tiny Bigfoot
November 26|The Turkey and the Farmer
November 24|Family Time
November 19|Don’t Move
November 17|Baby’s First Word
November 12|The Same Thought
November 10|Comic Idea
November 5|Memories of Youth
November 3|Political Cartoon
October 29|Not Many Trick-Or-Treaters
October 27|2020’s Hottest Costumes!
October 22|Feeling Good
October 20|Monster Cocktail Party
October 15|The Mummy’s Curse
October 13|Nice Halloween Decorations
October 8|Stick Together
October 6|False Advertising
October 1|Hidden Lair
September 29|Butcher – Meats
September 24|World Wishes
September 22|Gremlin Bath Time
September 17|More Beans Comics
September 15|Indecent Proposal
September 10|London Landmarks
September 9|Favorite Superpower
September 3|MarriageBot
September 1|Secret Agent Baby
August 27|Lost City
August 25|Mask Wearing
August 20|Crime Boyz: The Perfect Crime
August 18|Kid Astrology
August 13|Sell My Soul
August 11|Going to Shock the World
August 8|The Guy Who First Ate an Oyster
August 6|Long Way Down
July 30|The Ocean if Full of Fish
July 28|Escalators
July 23|That Guy on TV
July 21|Go Fly A Kite
July 16|Saddest Turtle’s Pearls
July 14|Or Was It One of These?
July 9|(Ka)zoo
July 7|Turkey Sando
July 2|Forest Fire
June 30|Put Some Pressure On It!
June 25|Flying High
June 23|Staring at All the Stars
June 18|Predicting the Future
June 16|I’ve Been So Lonely
June 11|I Need a Hero
June 9|Not Trying to Compare
June 4|Something Funny
June 2|June 2, 2020
May 28|Duel
May 26|It Hot
May 21|Shoes for Veiny Dog
May 19|Gettin’ High on Crystal Math
May 14|Immersion Therapy
May 12|From the Buttersafe Attic: Hourly Comics, February 2, 2010
May 7|Sounds in the Night
May 5|Quarantine Life Hacks
April 30|Treasure Map
April 28|The Colors of These Walls
April 23|Saddest Turtle Loves Magic
April 21|Hoax Fire
April 16|Birds With Human Lips Comics
April 14|Quarantine Renaissance Man: The Sequel
April 9|The Riddle of the Sphinx
April 7|Quarantine Renaissance Man
April 2|Sword in the Stone
March 31|Good Job
March 26|Meditation
March 24|Self-Isolation
March 19|Goodbye, Winter
March 17|3 Weeks Off
March 12|Why Scream
March 10|Human Food
March 5|The Butterfly Effect
March 3|Super Tuesday, Man
February 27|Under the Bed
February 25|The Trial of the Century
February 20|Jump Time
February 18|The Dancin’ Pirate
February 13|Tall Trees
February 11|Hole in Your Bucket
February 6|The Trench Coat Bandit
February 4|Super Bowl – Part 8
January 30|Sympathy Card
January 28|Take From My Handbag
January 23|Inside Your Head
January 21|Scorpion in a Lobster Tank
January 16|Donating Blood
January 14|Diet and… Something Else?
January 9|Would You Rather
January 7|New Year, New Saddest Turtle
January 2|The New Year’s Frog


December 31|What’re You Doing New Year’s Eve, Saddest Turtle?
December 26|Santa’s Job is Done
December 24|What Did Santa Get You, Saddest Turtle?
December 19|Guide My Sleigh
December 17|Gift Wrapping is Essential
December 12|Each Snowflake
December 10|Trophy Hunter
December 5|Uses For Time Travel
December 3|The Sportscycle
November 28|Turkey or the Turkey Egg?
November 26|Saddest Turtle, What Are You Thankful For This Year?
November 21|Stress Relief
November 19|Put the Baby Down
November 14|Violent Laser Beam Man
November 12|If A Tree Falls Down
November 7|Cruel World
November 5|The Skin Doctor
October 31|Halloween is Almost Over
October 29|Paper or Plastic
October 24|Crime Boyz: Pranks
October 22|Hibernating Gummy
October 17|The Killer is in the House
October 15|Pet Ghost
October 10|Life After Death
October 8|Vlad the Burger Guy
October 3|Three Steps
October 1|Veiny Dog Joins a Wolf Pack
September 26|Here Comes Fall
September 24|Dustin Hoof-man
September 19|Lemonade
September 17|Would You Just Grow Up Already?
September 12|Cowboy Myths
September 10|Saddest Turtle Gets Married
September 5|Love Demon
September 3|Stupid, Falling Apples
August 29|Ultrasound
August 27|Big, Sharp Teeth
August 22|Summer Buffcation
August 20|The First Restaurant Ever
August 15|Sticks and Stones
August 13|Help with Scissors
August 8|Hunting Trophies
August 6|Severe Tire Damage
August 1|The Stuff I Liked
July 30|Snail Attack
July 25|Steeping
July 23|Beach Safety Tips with Surfin’ Slug
July 18|The Tallest Mountain
July 16|1,000 Monkeys on 1,000 Typewriters
July 11|Hot Day Comics
July 9|Solar Warming
July 4|Fireworks Heist
July 2|Neverending War
June 27|Marooned
June 25|Alternative Hunting Methods Part 2
June 20|givingup_temp_WIP1.jpg
June 18|Board Meeting
June 13|Multiverse Mitch
June 11|Battling Cages Open
June 6|Memories
June 4|Alternative Hunting Methods
May 30|Baby Bear
May 28|Get Off on A Street
May 23|They Have Guns Now
May 21|Baby’s First Words
May 16|Crime Boyz: Definition of Crime
May 14|Blowout
May 9|Lashing
May 7|Yarn Hat and Yarn Neck Wrap
May 2|Stolen Car
April 30|Tell Me What Are Your Three Wishes
April 25|Crime Boyz: Cyber Crime
April 23|What The Stork Brought
April 18|Dog to Bun Ratio
April 16|Always Follow Directions
April 11|Open Up
April 9|9 of 9
April 4|Soulmate
April 2|We All Get Old
March 28|Back Off
March 26|Eating, Sleeping, Pooping
March 21|The Water Cycle
March 19|Birth Certificate
March 14|Where Do Babies Come From Comics
March 12|Crash Test Hubby
March 7|Fountain of Youth
March 5|This Comic Is About Bats
February 28|Big Grandma
February 26|I Wrote It Down
February 21|A Good Reason to Run
February 19|Couldn’t Get Back to Bed
February 14|Self Love
February 12|Old Stuff Traveling Tour
February 7|Crime Boyz
February 5|Super Bowl – Part 7
January 31|I Finally Found It
January 29|Would You Like Some Falafel, Sir?
January 24|A Step Back
January 22|Parasol
January 17|Kitty Wishes
January 15|I’m Not Stuck
January 10|Recycling
January 8|Dog Delivery Service
January 3|Reinvent Yourself
January 1|My Parents Feet


December 27|Santa Likes Me More
December 25|Yule Tide TV
December 20|Saddest Turtle Skips Shopping
December 18|If She Only Read The Lyrics
December 13|Long-Term Assignment
December 11|Snowman on a Snowboard
December 6|Snowcaterpillar
December 4|Fight for What You Believe In
November 29|Saddest Turtle Makes a Snow Angel
November 27|Blackest Friday
November 22|The Tallest Turkey in the Universe
November 20|Starry Starry Thanksgiving
November 15|Taking Honey
November 13|Bird Dog
November 8|Pause, Bold Italics
November 6|Climb into Bed
November 1|Candy Returns
October 30|October Yard Sales
October 25|I Ain’t Afraid
October 23|I’m a Wolf, comma, Man
October 18|Humanity’s Fears
October 16|Scarer of Crow
October 11|Ah! Zombies!
October 9|I Guess I’m a Werewolf
October 4|Halloween Decorations
October 2|Talkin’ Shop
September 27|Space Island
September 25|Buffalo Bill
September 20|What Happened to You?
September 18|Saddest Turtle, +1
September 13|Without War
September 11|Pick Yourself Up
September 6|Catstronaut 2
September 4|Pickpocketed
August 30|Seeing The World
August 28|Magic 8 Ball
August 23|Hungry Fish
August 21|Arm Wrestling
August 16|Hold
August 14|In Need of Repair
August 9|Identity Theft
August 7|Faberge Facts
August 2|Teased
July 31|For Pete’s Sake
July 24|Splittin’ Wood
July 19|So Empty
July 17|Easier Than Doing It Myself
July 12|Hansel and Gretel
July 10|Ack, a Spider!
July 5|Playing With Fire
July 3|Cave Drawing
June 28|I Wish I Could Fly
June 26|Bed Sizes
June 21|Can’t Wait Until Today is Over
June 19|Wait Management Center
June 14|River Guide
June 12|The Magical Genies
June 7|I’m Sad
June 5|Will He May
May 31|The Big Day
May 29|I’m A Rocketman
May 24|A Quiet Stream
May 22|Space Jam Tipoff
May 17|Tall Ghosts
May 15|What Should I Bring?
May 10|Not Really Funny
May 8|Hypochondria
May 3|Dead on the Table
May 1|Do You Have Any Medical Conditions?
April 26|Ready for Takeoff
April 24|Moo
April 19|Noisy Neighbors
April 17|Removal of the Growth
April 12|A Fly Doing His Thing
April 10|The History of Ideas
April 5|Take the Stairs
April 3|Rubber Ducky
March 29|Caveman Comics
March 27|Look At This Bookworm
March 22|Alas, Poor Doggy
March 20|The Restroom Is for Customers Only
March 15|Bear Trap
March 13|What’s the Big Idea?
March 8|Precise Slice
March 6|The Award Goes To…
March 1|Lure
February 27|Sand, Sand
February 22|Always Double Check
February 20|Payment Options
February 15|Leftover Candy
February 13|Saddest Turtle Is A Medalist
February 8|Clap Your Hands
February 6|See Your Favorite Band Live!
February 1|Following Directions
January 30|Super Bowl – Part 6
January 25|Super Dog
January 23|Human vs Meal – Anyone Could Do that
January 18|Who Wants Pancakes?
January 16|Brrr… It’s Cold!
January 11|Wanna See a Neat Trick?
January 9|Saddest Turtle Takes Down the Christmas Tree
January 4|Clown Car
January 2|What Happened Last Night? feat. Saddest Turtle


December 28|Successful Resolutions
December 26|You Shouldn’t Have
December 21|Late Shopping
December 19|Jolly Octopus’ To-Do List
December 14|Chimney Monster
December 12|How Much Is This, Used?
December 7|Cool Horns
December 5|Kind People
November 30|Bert’s Shirt Shop
November 28|The Thing X
November 23|Do Turkeys Exist?
November 21|More Like “NO THANKS” Giving
November 16|Money Can’t Buy Everything
November 14|Asterisk
November 9|What’s Your Sign?
November 7|Too Much Sushi
November 2|Raking All the Leaves
October 31|Monstinder: Looking for a Warm-blooded Male Sub
October 26|Handing Out Candy
October 24|Reverse Werewolf
October 19|Perfecting the Jack-o’-Lantern
October 17|Talk Me Through This Naked Thing
October 12|Blood Drive
October 10|Halloween Lineup
October 5|Haunted Move
October 3|Trunk Stamp
September 28|I Refuse to Sleep
September 26|I Just Feel Like Napping
September 21|So Hungry
September 19|A Man Washes Ashore, Pt 2
September 14|The Ocean Floor
September 12|A Man Washes Ashore
September 7|My Dog Ate My Homework
September 5|Genie in a Bottle
August 31|The Worst Best Firefighter
August 29|This Comic Is Stupid (and has PInocchio)
August 24|Rock and a Hard Place
August 22|What Does Your Tattoo Say
August 17|Trojan Horse
August 15|If You’re Feeling Down
August 10|Back 2 School Sale
August 8|Robot Cat and the Online Shopping
August 3|A Real Fight
August 1|Veiny Dog and the Sack of Potatoes
July 27|Comfort in the Stars
July 25|Mom
July 20|Freeze!
July 18|Don’t Be Lazy
July 13|Second Opinion
July 11|Punch Monster in Love
July 6|Saddest Turtle Has the Look
July 4|Barely Legal Fireworks
June 29|Starfish
June 27|Saddest Turtle Needs Beauty Supplies
June 22|Summer Vacation, Back Again
June 20|In This Comic: A Guy Shoots a Gun
June 15|Honesty
June 13|Young Justice
June 8|Back to the Past
June 6|Deep Tissue Massage
June 1|The Outline
May 30|I Have to Go to the Doctor
May 25|Irrelevant Boy
May 23|This Numbness
May 18|Dr. Bully
May 16|Please Silence Your Phone
May 11|Mother Nature
May 9|Saddest Turtle Copes
May 4|Karate Comics
May 2|One Pie Please
April 27|Blown Away
April 25|Sad or Tired
April 20|Macaroni Nightmare
April 18|Hit by a Car
April 13|Replaced
April 11|He’s Dead; He’s Dead Too
April 6|Punch Monster and the New Acquaintance
April 4|Saddest Turtle’s Yearbook
March 30|Veiny Dog’s Press Conference
March 28|Somewhere There, A Beached Whale Lies
March 23|Say “I Love You”
March 21|Tiny Drumsticks
March 16|One Hit Wonder
March 14|Impending Doom
March 9|The Devil’s Waterfall
March 7|The Tiny Ponies
March 2|Point on the Globe
February 28|Fresh Air Break
February 23|Guess What?
February 21|Let’s Get Self-Destructive
February 16|The Usual
February 14|Painting on the Radio
February 9|Starvation
February 7|Super Bowl – Part 5
February 2|Mr. Peapod
January 31|Acts of Service
January 26|Comebacks
January 24|My Winter Friend
January 19|Stubbed Toe
January 17|4 People Not Thinking About Having a Bird For a Pet
January 12|ComfortBot
January 10|All You Can Drink Water Buffet
January 5|Bullying
January 3|New Year, New Me


December 29|I’ve Decided
December 27|Jolly Octopus Will Be A Better Person
December 22|Santanagrams
December 20|The Day that Saddest Turtle Was Born
December 15|Jolly Octopus Does Charity Work
December 13|Saddest Turtle with Jolly Octopus and His Other Friends
December 8|Burn Victims
December 6|Zebra in a Snowstorm
December 1|Dressing Up Mr. Snowman
November 29|End of Life
November 24|Hand Turkeys
November 22|Little Squirrel
November 17|Rover, P.I. Takes Another Case
November 15|The Evolution of Crustaceans
November 10|Waking Up From Nightmares Shouting “GAH!” Comics
November 8|It’s Called Modern Art
November 3|The Flu
November 1|The Easiest Costume
October 27|Too Old For Halloween
October 25|Wanna Be a Ghost for Halloween
October 20|Where’s Your Costume?
October 18|House of Scares
October 13|Crossing Paths
October 11|Just Give Me My Old Smile Back
October 6|Phobia
October 4|The “Please Take One” Bowl
September 29|Fit to the End
September 27|The Great Debate
September 22|Punch Monster and the Retirement Plan
September 20|Hermit Crab Moving Company
September 15|Bang Bang Bang!
September 13|Two Persons per Ride
September 8|Scary Nightmare
September 6|Saddest Turtle and the Vacation Photo Album
September 1|A Funny Story
August 30|Enjoy Your Trip
August 25|Done
August 23|Anniversary
August 18|Rescue My Son!
August 16|The Warning Shot
August 11|Verbal Alchemy
August 9|The Forgetful Weightlifter
August 4|The Most Dangerous Game
August 2|The Best Doctor in the World
July 28|Missing My Mermaid
July 26|Creator of Content
July 21|I’m So Bored
July 19|Jolly Octopus Made Saddest Turtle a Cake
July 14|Gourmet
July 12|Dolphin Olympics
July 7|Icarus
July 5|Fourth of July Grilling Tips with: Dog
June 30|Homespun Advice
June 28|Horsehoes
June 23|Mirror, Mirror
June 21|You Expect Me to Eat This?
June 16|Life Out There
June 14|The NBA Finals
June 9|It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
June 7|What Does the Future Hold?
June 2|How Long Do I Have?
May 31|Bury the Bones
May 26|Finals Week
May 24|Leave this Old Life Behind
May 19|Send Help
May 17|Good Shot
May 12|A Delivery From The Stork
May 10|On the Wheel
May 5|Wizard School
May 3|Saddest Turtle and the Secret of the Ooze
April 28|Time For Takeoff, Saddest Turtle
April 26|Bumper Sticker
April 21|Pills
April 19|Jolly Octopus is Online
April 14|Blow Out Your Candle
April 12|Home Run Ball
April 7|Saddest Turtle’s Imaginary Friends
April 5|This Sweet Laser
March 31|A Broken Heart
March 29|Six Pack Soda
March 24|Catstronaut
March 22|Soul Music
March 17|Four-Leaf Clover
March 15|Aquarium Display
March 10|Cryogenics
March 8|The Perfect Disguise
March 3|The Ugly Duckling
March 1|First Date
February 25|The Domestication of Dogs
February 23|Re-branding
February 18|Taking Back the Kingdom
February 16|Dental Return on Investment
February 11|By Any Other Name
February 9|Super Bowl – Part 4
February 4|Temporary Tattoo
February 2|A New Generation of Art
January 28|Training Wheels
January 26|GPS Treasure
January 21|The Right Solution
January 19|Getting Away with It
January 14|Peekaboo
January 12|One Spicy Meat-a Ball
January 7|Say That To My Face
January 5|Baby Learns to Draw


December 31|First Birthday
December 29|Saddest Turtle’s New Year’s Resolution, 2016
December 24|Time for Shopping
December 22|You Really Like It?? featuring Saddest Turtle and Jolly Octopus
December 17|Crossing the Lake
December 15|Deck the Halls with Saddest Turtle
December 10|Bah, Humbug!
December 8|The Perfect Gift
December 3|Building a Time Machine
December 1|Great-Looking Sweater
November 26|The Thanksgiving Tradition
November 24|Trip to the Emergency Room
November 19|Crabwatch
November 17|Crab Feed
November 12|The Guy With the Fancy Suit
November 10|Moon Man
November 5|Asteroid
November 3|Armageddon
October 29|Halloween Treats
October 27|He Cannot Be Stopped
October 22|Sexy Costumes
October 20|Forget Halloween!
October 15|A Serious Case of Spookiness
October 13|Daytime Promotion
October 8|Pumpkin Carving
October 6|Bloody Mary
October 1|Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes
September 29|Aeronautical Engineering is Easy
September 24|UFO
September 22|Does Anyone Object?
September 17|Police Raid
September 15|The Perfect Travel Package
September 10|Saddest Turtle Gets His Wish
September 8|Speak Softly
September 3|The World is Your Oyster
September 1|The Adventures of Yar Xela, Rookie Starfighter
August 27|Humans Were the True Monsters All Along Comics
August 25|Let Your Hair Down – Part 2
August 20|The Tooth Fairy
August 18|Did You Feel It?
August 13|The Big Bad Wolf
August 11|Washing the Dog
August 6|Losing Weight
August 4|30,324 AD When Pluto Conquers Earth
July 30|Drinking
July 28|Location Location Location
July 23|The Toy in the Pile
July 21|Go to College, Get Your Degree
July 16|In Your Eyes
July 14|Hero Man
July 9|Definition of Insanity Comics
July 7|Bringing in the Groceries – or – Convictions
July 2|Real Estate
June 30|Obituary and a Funeral
June 25|A Warning
June 23|Giant Snail Attack!
June 18|Allow Me To Share
June 16|The New Thing 3
June 11|The Parcel
June 9|What Did You Do Today?
June 4|The Elephant in the Room
June 2|X-Ray Man
May 28|The Chair of Discovery
May 26|Too Close to Shore
May 21|Burning Out
May 19|The Amazing Trick
May 14|The Birds and the Bees
May 12|Collarbone
May 7|The Waiting Room
May 5|The Puddle
April 30|Veiny Dog Plays Fetch
April 28|It Was Just a Dream
April 23|Opposite Mirrors
April 21|The Incredible Flexible Man
April 16|Nothing to Lose
April 14|The Dim Knight Returns
April 9|People Who Like Saddest Turtle
April 7|The Dim Knight
April 2|Cat Allergies
March 31|Big Fish
March 26|The Cry Life
March 24|Happy St. Patty’s Day
March 19|Love Potion
March 17|Teeth Like Ivory
March 12|Hearth and Home
March 10|Bait
March 5|Mic Drop
March 3|New Amazing Diet
February 26|Shadow Puppet
February 24|Oil Change
February 19|Unfit to Lead
February 17|House of Our Dreams
February 12|Printer Trouble
February 10|Knock Knock
February 5|Nervous Flyer
February 3|Super Bowl – Part 3
January 29|Blizzard
January 27|TAKEN TWOOO
January 22|Focus
January 20|What If Everything Were Swords
January 15|Dental Appointment
January 13|Dental Confessions
January 8|Getting Around
January 6|Heads Will Roll
January 1|New Years


December 30|Saddest Turtle and the Ball Drop
December 25|The Winter Tree
December 23|Snow
December 18|Calling In
December 16|Want Some Candy?
December 11|Bearmotion
December 9|The Worst Roommate
December 4|Comfort Food
December 2|A Fair Trade
November 27|The Turkey Egg
November 25|What Are You Thankful For feat. Saddest Turtle
November 20|Frederick, Who Hated Spheres
November 18|Let Your Hair Down
November 13|Winter Bod
November 11|Snake Food Chain
November 6|Stuck Comics
November 4|Birthday Cake
October 30|Dressed Up Like a Mummy
October 28|It’s A Simple Question
October 23|Friendly Spooks
October 21|Unique Costumes
October 16|Scared of the Dark
October 14|Lazy Eye Surgery
October 9|Double Comic Thursday
October 7|Coupon
October 2|Skeletons in the Closet
September 30|New York
September 25|Every Fall
September 23|Not As Well As I Should
September 18|Dr. Scorpion Fights Appendicitis
September 16|Life Is Hard
September 11|Doctor Animal Comics
September 9|Help, a Thief!
September 4|Taking Candy From a Baby Comics
September 2|Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Stars
August 28|First Day of Class
August 26|Lava Island
August 21|What Is Married?
August 19|Saddest Turtle and the Wedding
August 14|Beach Combing
August 12|The Longest Straw in the World
August 7|Self Reflection
August 5|Carrot Juice
July 31|Lying in the Grass
July 29|A Bird Holds Its Breath
July 24|The Noblest House
July 22|Washing the Dog
July 17|Comics Where the Punchline is That Snails Are Very Slow
July 15|10 Million Years Ago
July 10|Party Tricks
July 8|Pocket Change
July 3|Sleep Aid
July 1|Beee Caaareful
June 26|Broken Vase
June 24|I Lost My Wallet
June 19|Ghost Stories
June 17|Seeing Stars
June 12|Saddest Turtle Bets It All
June 10|Informed Buyer
June 5|Eye Infection
June 3|Saddest Turtle and the Good Ideas
May 29|Space Beach
May 27|Paper President
May 22|Graybow
May 20|We’ll Get There When We Get There!!
May 15|Tigron
May 13|Big Glasses: Origins
May 8|Choo Choo
May 6|Understand My Meaning, Not My Words
May 1|Mega Monkey
April 29|Goldilocks
April 24|Special Order
April 22|Spaghetti
April 17|Chamber of Wonder
April 15|Oh My Goodness, Oh My Gosh
April 10|Danger Dungeon
April 8|Car Trouble
April 3|Something Weird
April 1|What An Idiot
March 27|All Butterflies Are Named Andrew
March 25|Fist of Furry
March 20|I Need Something Different
March 18|Gang Violence
March 13|Being Watched
March 11|An Outside Threat
March 6|No Sympathy
March 4|Facts About Naps
February 27|Standing Like a Human
February 25|Management
February 20|There’s a Fly in my Soup
February 18|Wishing Well
February 13|Snowboard Tricks
February 11|Dinosaurs Playing Basketball
February 6|A Cat Gets Run Over By a Car
February 4|Class Warfare
January 30|Rover, P.I.
January 28|Super Bowl – Part 2
January 23|Help! Help!
January 21|What Makes An Eye Twitch
January 16|Bird or Fish?
January 14|Family Farm
January 9|I Want Things
January 7|Saddest Turtle, Amateur Plumber
January 2|Nasty Old Garbage Can


December 31|New Year’s Glasses
December 26|The Gift of Veiny Dog
December 24|Waiting for Santa
December 19|Santa Claus’ Santa Magic
December 17|MVP
December 12|It’s Cold Outside
December 10|At the Retirement Home
December 5|The First Snow
December 3|Food Coma
November 28|Three Turkey Jokes
November 26|Moving the Sofa
November 21|Dreaming of a Better Life
November 19|Belly Button
November 14|Break Up
November 12|Jolly Octopus is a Good Listener
November 7|Drugs
November 5|Blanket Hog
October 31|All Hallows’ Eve
October 29|At the Pumpkin Patch
October 24|Giant Marshmallow
October 22|BRAAAINS
October 17|Name That Monster
October 15|Proper Oral Hygiene 3
October 10|Office Party
October 8|Proper Oral Hygiene 2
October 3|Autumn Trees
October 1|Proper Oral Hygiene
September 26|Troll Toll
September 24|Pictures of Us
September 19|Flower and Mountain
September 17|Counting the Days
September 12|Sick Trick
September 10|The Worst Day of My Life
September 5|Sandwich Delivery
September 3|A Relaxing Dip
August 29|Winston the Bee
August 27|The Only Logical Conclusion
August 22|Assembly Line
August 20|Building Safety Tip #1
August 15|Heavy Weight
August 13|The Long Story
August 8|Sand Castles
August 6|A Day at the Store
August 1|This Pile of Bones
July 30|It’s a Tradition
July 25|Beard Stories
July 23|Saddest Turtle Cuts It Close
July 18|Obeying the Genie
July 16|The Elective Procedure
July 11|Archery
July 9|Saddest Turtle and the Awards Ceremony
July 4|Dog Magic
July 2|The Conductor
June 27|Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
June 25|The Man with the Plan
June 20|The Three-Month Wheelie
June 18|The Price of Love
June 13|Video Game
June 11|Saddest Turtle and the Craziness Workout
June 6|No Budging
June 4|Doctor, Doctor
May 30|Spiders In Your Mouth
May 28|Family Tree
May 23|Twenty Questions
May 21|Jungle Stalking
May 16|Bunches
May 14|Miracle Worker
May 9|Show and Tell
May 7|Space Groceries
May 2|Parroting
April 30|Cownt Moocula
April 25|Census Taking
April 23|Jolly Octopus and the Thoughtful Gift
April 18|A Game of Catch
April 16|The Orphan
April 11|Forget
April 9|The Wedding Game
April 4|How Embarrassing
April 2|Happy Birthday, Saddest Turtle!
March 28|Chess
March 26|Feelings Change
March 21|Maybe We Can Help Each Other
March 19|Pond Party
March 14|A Unified Theory
March 12|Saddest Turtle’s New Book
March 7|Snow Day
March 5|The Midnight Inventor
February 28|What’s the Difference?
February 26|Giving It Up
February 21|In Pursuit
February 19|Lifestyle Change
February 14|Falling
February 12|Robot Cat, Havin’ Some Heartache
February 7|No I
February 5|The Muse
January 31|Rad Dad and Buff Uncle
January 29|Oh No, My Nose Is Bleeding
January 24|For a Good Cause
January 22|Making Waves
January 17|Nothing Exciting
January 15|Bumper Trains
January 10|That Guy Looks Familiar
January 8|There’s a Hair in My Food
January 3|Happy New Year
January 1|Saddest Turtle and the New Year’s Fireworks


December 27|Half Price
December 25|Meanwhile, At Saddest Turtle’s Christmas Party
December 20|Stockings
December 18|Beached
December 13|Good Dog and Little Kitten
December 11|Happy Halloweenmas
December 6|Running with Scissors
December 4|Our Furry New Friend
November 29|Acoustic Guitar
November 27|How Very Thoughtful
November 22|Five Little Turkeys
November 20|Ask Dad
November 15|Thanks, Grandma
November 13|The New CEO
November 8|Drowning
November 6|Saddest Turtle is Sick
November 1|Candy
October 30|Surfing Turtle’s Halloween Party
October 25|Frankenstein’s Monster
October 23|The Origin of the Swamp Monster
October 18|It’s Gerald!
October 16|Hard Times for the Mummy Man
October 11|Life Choices
October 9|Hollywood Makeover: Dracula Edition
October 4|Expired Milk
October 2|Paranormal Detective
September 27|Leaves
September 25|Just Watch the Sunset
September 20|For Your Comfort and Safety
September 18|X-Ray
September 13|Lost Dog
September 11|TAKEN
September 6|Occupied
September 4|Donate
August 30|Sandman
August 28|Sitting, Lying
August 23|Time Bike
August 21|Goldie
August 16|The Seasick Squid
August 14|Parental Training
August 9|Gunned Down
August 7|Noah’s Lifeboat
August 2|The Bath
July 31|Walnuts
July 26|Your Fortune
July 24|Shadows
July 19|Hopscotch
July 17|Itchy
July 12|Termites
July 10|The Cherries of Wrath
July 5|Finale Rocket
June 28|State Fair Comics
June 26|Fishybusiness
June 21|Cowboys
June 19|The Heavyweight Champ
June 14|Parts & Service
June 12|Spelunking
June 7|Doomsday
June 5|Dog Toys
May 31|Ready or Not
May 29|To-Do
May 24|The Floppy Toast
May 22|Saddest Turtle Is Stuck
May 17|Swimsuit Season
May 15|The Flying Machine
May 10|A Better Place
May 8|Metamorphoses
May 3|Harnessing Radiation
May 1|Stuck in a Tree
April 26|Baby Business
April 24|30 Minutes or Less
April 19|Giving a Presentation
April 17|Somewhere Over the Bermuda Triangle
April 12|Have You Ever
April 10|Mealtime
April 5|Taking a Nap
April 3|Cheese Connoisseur
March 29|Moon Junior
March 27|Swim with the Fishes
March 22|Catching a Fly
March 20|Cleaning Out the Fridge
March 15|A World of Possibilities
March 13|Trip to the Museum
March 8|The Audition
March 6|Fairy Tale
March 1|If You Love Something
February 28|Studying
February 23|At Home
February 21|The Red Balloon
February 16|Up In The Air
February 14|Cupid’s Arrow
February 9|Charades
February 7|Long Line
February 2|What Have You Done?
January 31|Ready to Rock
January 26|Dig Dog
January 24|Looking Good
January 19|Upside Down Town
January 17|Veiny Dog Saves
January 12|When You Wish
January 10|Sunset
January 5|Consumption
January 3|Shampoo


December 29|The Dimension of the Snow People
December 27|Saddest Turtle’s Christmas Party
December 22|The Greatest Gift
December 20|Timeout
December 15|Space Music
December 13|Reincarnation
December 8|Evergreens
December 6|Unicorns
December 1|Piano Performance
November 29|Lost in the Desert
November 24|How to Cook the Perfect Turkey
November 22|Homework
November 17|Gold Planet
November 15|The Lost City
November 10|Garbage Day
November 8|In the House of Taters
November 3|Dead Car
November 1|Camping Trip
October 27|Punch Monster and the Halloween Costume
October 25|Mummy Mountain 2
October 20|Mummy Mountain
October 18|Breakdancing Turtle
October 13|Pablo Padilla: Time Chef
October 11|Free Hot Dogs
October 6|Sunrise
October 4|TIE PARTY
September 29|Life Cycle
September 27|Pajamas
September 22|The Great Falunkalumph
September 20|Retractable Hands
September 15|I Quit This Planet
September 13|How Buttersafe Spent Its Summer Vacation
September 8|Disaster
September 6|The Birthmark
September 1|This Bar I Heard About
August 30|Jaws
August 25|I’ve Been Shot!
August 22|The Rodeo
August 18|The Timeless Hero
August 16|Crouching Shopper, Hidden Needle
August 11|School Shopping
August 9|The Dancing Suit
August 4|Heartburn
August 2|War and Piece of toast
July 28|Rafting
July 26|The Peanut Business
July 21|Executing the Plan
July 19|Message in a Bottle
July 14|Stealth Dad
July 12|Junkyard
July 7|A Nice Day
July 5|Sharing the Moment
June 30|Axe Fight
June 28|Tiny Toaster
June 23|Summer Freedom
June 21|Global Warming
June 16|Happy, Fluffy Clouds
June 14|An Assortment of Saddest Turtle
June 9|Scenes From Clown College
June 7|New Cat City
June 2|The Journey
May 31|Advice
May 26|Detective Sun
May 24|Shark Robbery
May 19|Even More Robot Cat
May 17|Exploring the Jungle
May 12|A Day at the Beach
May 10|Dog Park
May 5|Space Justice
May 3|Superhero Comics
April 28|Ultra Baby
April 26|More Robot Cat
April 21|Astronauting
April 19|Job Security
April 14|A Simple Procedure
April 12|Sitting like a Human
April 7|The Witch
April 5|Veiny Origins II
March 31|Don’t Worry, He Can’t Stay Down There Forever
March 29|Small Wonder of Nature
March 24|A Wolf Howls at the Moon
March 22|Muscle Fight 2
March 17|Prince Artahn
March 15|Clear Skin
March 10|Lightning Safety
March 8|The God of Lightning
March 3|Obedience
March 1|Robot Cat
February 24|Quick Draw
February 22|Milk
February 17|Crosswords
February 15|Sheep
February 10|Turtles on the Court
February 8|Super Bowl
February 3|The Legend of The Turbo Cat
February 1|The Verdict
January 27|Traps
January 25|The Party
January 20|Moths to a Flame
January 18|The Challengers
January 13|The Ol’ Farm
January 11|Elevators Are Awkward
January 6|Bruises
January 4|Flowers


December 30|The New Year’s Jump
December 28|In the Beginning
December 23|Punch Monster and the Thoughtful Gift
December 21|Winter’s Cold
December 16|What Do You Make Here?
December 14|Hit Song
December 9|Snowball Fight
December 7|Who Cares
December 2|Treenapped
November 30|Thank You, Veiny Dog
November 25|The Door
November 23|Slept like a Rock
November 18|Hopes
November 16|A Guy Walks into a Bar III
November 11|Veiny Dog Tales
November 9|A Guy Walks into a Bar II
November 4|Morning Inspiration
November 2|Reborn without a Cause
October 28|The Helpful Skeleton
October 26|Trick or Treat Saddest Turtle
October 21|Serving the Queen
October 19|Surfing Turtle
October 14|Wall-Rus
October 12|Ice Floes
October 7|Get Over It
October 5|Growth Spurt
September 30|Peas in a Pod
September 28|The Center of the Earth
September 23|President Kid
September 21|So Many Clocks
September 16|This Sword is so Sharp
September 14|The Tree Sofa
September 9|Back to School Blues
September 7|Goldfish
September 2|The Portrait
August 31|Some Muscle
August 26|What it Means to be Alive
August 24|The Great Tradition
August 19|Learning About Cool
August 17|Late
August 12|A Gift from a Cat
August 10|The Tree
August 5|The Big Conference
August 3|Oh My Gosh A Bear
July 29|Among the Stars
July 27|The Game of Basketball
July 22|The Essence of Being Human
July 20|The Birthday Party
July 15|Elite Skills
July 13|11 Bad Comics
July 8|Clown College
July 6|The Prescription
July 1|Bagels and Donuts
June 29|Veiny Origins
June 24|Veiny Dog Days
June 22|This Is It
June 17|The Ol' Flower Pocket
June 15|Family Road Trip
June 10|Paying the Bills
June 8|So Sleepy
June 3|A Wizard's Gift
June 1|The Worst Job
May 27|Spring Cleaning
May 25|The Message
May 20|The Five Stages
May 18|Speedboats
May 13|University Concludes
May 11|Fast Animal Club
May 6|In a Coal Mine
May 4|Ideas
April 29|A Guy Walks Into a Bar
April 27|Goo
April 22|The Creature that Crawled on the Sky, Part II
April 20|We Have a Guest
April 15|The Creature that Crawled on the Sky, Part I
April 13|House of Cards
April 8|Consulting the Master II
April 6|A Guy Has a Problem
April 1|April Fools
March 30|Oh No!
March 25|The Twist Ending
March 23|The Assassin
March 18|The Barbeque
March 16|The Sinking Ship
March 11|Big Winner
March 9|The Hostage Situation
March 4|Parenting: The Basics
March 2|The Tiger Shark
February 25|The Prognosis
February 23|Ben Franklin at the Dentist
February 18|Crew Vs Crew
February 16|The Guy with the Really Wide Smile
February 11|Biology 101
February 9|Sandwiches
February 4|That Feeling
February 2|Hater
January 28|The Tragic Life of Annabelle
January 26|Dirt Eater
January 21|Stand Up
January 19|Life on the Desert Island
January 14|Future Con 2010
January 12|Being a Hero
January 7|Wishes for a Newborn
January 5|The Guy Who Could Fart Through His Nose


December 31|Punch Monster and the New Year
December 29|Muscle Fight
December 24|Choosing a Gift
December 22|Magic Carpet Ride 2
December 17|Council of the Gods
December 15|The Coin Collection
December 10|The Floodgates
December 8|Magic Carpet Ride
December 3|Father Winter
December 1|What If Everything Was Burritos Comics
November 26|The Valley
November 24|Sparkman
November 19|At The Bank
November 17|The Smell of Pizza
November 12|The Mouse Song
November 10|The Teeth Business
November 5|The City
November 3|Saddest Turtle's Costume
October 29|My Faithful Sidekick
October 27|Use Your Noodle
October 22|Bird Stories IV
October 20|The Perfect Sphere
October 15|Starting The Day
October 13|Too Early for Halloween
October 8|The Invisible Patient
October 6|Being Mistaken for a Bear
October 1|The Thing That Crawls
September 29|The Third Person
September 24|The Scream
September 22|The Jumper
September 17|Training Your Dog
September 15|POLICE!
September 10|Man in the Moon
September 8|The Heroic Dog
September 3|Driveway Robbery
September 1|The Evil Plan
August 27|The Gathering
August 25|Happy Birthday
August 20|Oh Dango, it's a Mango
August 18|Tiny Love
August 13|Vacation Photos
August 11|Before I Die
August 6|If These Bones Could Talk
August 4|The Amazing Melting Guy
July 30|How About Some Sugar
July 28|Knife-wielding Larry
July 23|Natural Habitat
July 21|Saddest Turtle Loves Snails
July 16|The Moping Pig
July 14|The Cliff
July 9|Dracula
July 7|The Buried Treasure
July 2|Fireworks
June 30|The Space Dog
June 25|The Force Field
June 23|Kick Your Face
June 18|Fishing
June 16|Let It Burrito
June 11|Lumberjack Jim
June 9|Scissors
June 4|Watching Your Stuff Burn
June 2|Unbelievable Powers
May 28|Do You Want This Snake?
May 26|APPLE
May 21|Scrubby Meets the Vortex
May 19|Saddest Turtle Goes to the Moon
May 14|Bird Stories III
May 12|Sausage
May 7|Cocoons
May 5|Breaking News
April 30|The Darkness
April 28|The Flag
April 23|Rocks On My Head
April 21|Ninja Cat
April 16|The Princess and the Tower
April 14|SPEARS!
April 9|The Perfect Heist
April 7|Show Me Your Moves
April 2|Sandals and Socks
March 31|Apple Sauce
March 26|The Rocket Coaster
March 24|Noah's Flood
March 19|Blue Leader
March 17|The Last Pig in the Universe
March 12|The Volcano
March 10|Tiny House
March 5|Pineapple Time
March 3|Water Slide
February 26|Have You Seen This Cat?
February 24|Head Situations
February 19|Mole
February 17|The Freshly Planted Tree
February 12|Children
February 10|The Best Nurse in the World
February 5|Fire and Water
February 3|Gun-Shaped Cookie
January 29|What Do We Have Here?
January 27|Licking Comics
January 22|The Center of the Universe
January 20|Saddest Turtle Joins a Club
January 15|Last Night
January 13|A Great Idea
January 8|The Snake and the Fuzzy Thing
January 6|Spy School
January 1|New Year's Day


December 30|New Year's Eve
December 25|Wish List
December 23|Holiday Cheer
December 18|Bird Stories II
December 16|Being Stabbed
December 11|Three Wishes
December 9|Floating
December 4|Guns
December 2|Bauman's House
November 27|Cornbread
November 25|Big Glasses
November 20|Water
November 18|The Best Game
November 13|The Rose
November 11|Thrift Shopping
November 6|At School, No Clothes
November 4|Do You Hear Something?
October 30|Bird Stories
October 28|This Fire
October 23|The Detour
October 21|The People Who Have Enemies Club
October 16|Voices of Nature
October 14|The Owl
October 9|Goodbye
October 7|Captain Tomato
October 2|The Threat
September 30|Somewhere Over the Lamebow
September 25|Cat Fight
September 23|Johnson
September 18|The 98% Degree
September 16|Imaginary Brakes
September 11|Shark Rider
September 9|The Champion of Tattoos
September 4|Reading
September 2|Swimming
August 28|A Good Trick
August 26|Late Life Realizations
August 21|Corporate Finance
August 19|Making Faces
August 14|The Rare and Magnificent Rhinoceros with a Candle for a Nose – in – "Candle Lighting Adventures"
August 12|The Rare and Magnificent Rhinoceros with a Candle for a Nose – in – "Need a Light?"
August 7|Early Morning Stretches
August 5|Afros
July 31|Free Rotten Meat
July 29|Health History
July 24|Boring
July 22|True Stories: The Beanstalk
July 17|Steve
July 15|The Guy Who's Always Running and Never Stops
July 10|The Ant
July 8|Pizza
July 3|The Food Chain
July 1|The Adventures of Kung Fu Carl
June 26|The Bountiful Harvest
June 24|Thinking Out Loud
June 19|Rock and Roll
June 17|Rites of Passage -or- Variations on a Theme
June 12|Ducks
June 10|Great Neighbors
June 5|Death Ray
June 3|The Organ Lender
May 29|Super Power
May 27|The Egg
May 22|Hang Gliding
May 20|The Organ Donor
May 15|Dispelling Age-Old Myths
May 13|The Negative Lottery
May 8|Sunglasses
May 6|The Factory
May 1|After the Explosion
April 29|A Pack o' Lips
April 24|Dragons
April 22|This is for You
April 17|The New Pet
April 15|Arbitrary Potato and the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
April 10|Punch Monster and the Mountain of Grapes
April 8|Fortune Cookie Time
April 3|Spider Flakes
April 1|Buff Dolphin
March 27|Someday
March 25|Waiting in Line
March 20|Disapproval
March 18|The Awesome Tree
March 13|Romance on the Floating Island
March 11|Cake Heaven
March 6|The Massive Beard
March 4|The Inventor
February 28|The Fireball
February 26|Water Fight
February 21|Catch
February 19|Bless You
February 14|The Time Traveller
February 12|King of the Jungle
February 7|Space in the Year 2150
February 5|Bears
January 31|Wings
January 29|President Wobblefoot
January 24|The Worst Thing
January 22|Sick & Dying
January 17|Conservation of Mass
January 15|Mr. Magnetic Blood
January 10|Action Scarecrow
January 8|The Best Movie Ever Competition
January 3|Professional Ghost Hunting
January 1|Human Heads


December 27|Coffee
December 25|The Adventures of Pie Man Part 3: Pie Man vs. The Saddest Turtle
December 20|How To Use A Toothbrush
December 18|The Adventures of Pie Man Part 2: The Attack of the Terrible T-Rex
December 13|Imminent Death
December 11|The Adventures of Pie Man
December 6|Tiny Elephant Genius
December 4|Happy Graduation
November 29|Oh Snap, Giant Scorpion
November 27|Shirt Tan
November 22|Three Depressing Stories About Turkeys
November 20|Joining a Club
November 15|The Brothers
November 13|Superstition
November 8|The Skeleton King
November 6|A Serious Question
November 1|Punch Monster and the Evil Genius
October 30|Puppy Love
October 25|The Bottomless Pit
October 23|The Moon
October 18|Ham Smash 'Em Up
October 16|Moving Day, Three Parts
October 11|Mr. Triangle
October 9|Come here!
October 4|Stilts
October 2|Hey Jerk Face!
September 27|The Power of Love
September 25|Showertime Funnies
September 20|Losing a Friend
September 18|What's a Palindrome Anyway?
September 13|Potentially Good
September 11|Nice Belt
September 6|Object Lesson
September 4|Making Baskets
August 30|Turkey Tiger
August 28|Flying
August 23|Watermelon
August 21|The Regrets We Have
August 16|Suspense
August 14|Telemarketers
August 9|Consulting the Master
August 7|Society
August 2|Love is in the Air
July 31|Here's the Rent
July 26|Depth Perception
July 24|War and Peace
July 19|Confidence
July 17|Welcome
July 12|Decisions
July 10|Too Early for Bed
July 5|Pen Ideas
July 3|No Parking
June 28|The Cat Drawing
June 26|The Future
June 21|Punch Monster and the Case of the Missing Jewels
June 19|Elephants and Pyramids
June 14|Universe Safety Guide
June 12|Shoulders
June 7|The Crappy Muffin
June 5|Where is that guy?
May 31|Proof Positive
May 29|How to Be Number One
May 24|Surprise
May 22|Papa Don't Preach
May 17|A Baby
May 15|Snail Mail
May 10|Robin Hood
May 8|Hey Saddest Turtle, What's Up?
May 3|Choose Your Own Adventure
May 1|JK Bird
April 26|I Forgot My Mittens
April 24|Honor is a Palindrome
April 19|Man Down
April 17|Everything for a Dollar
April 12|The Tiniest Hug
April 10|You're Not Human
April 5|What is that?
April 3|Breakfast + Saddest Turtle