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Lost Dog

Lost Dog

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 :: 12:04 am

He’ll pull over for hydrants, but never for directions.


Hey everyone! We’re excited to finally be able to announce our new project: Katamari!

We’re doing a twice-a-week comic for ShiftyLook based on Katamari Damacy! A lot of you are probably well acquainted with Katamari Damacy, but if you’re not familiar, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Katamari is a video game series starring the Prince of All Cosmos who, for various absurd reasons, is tasked by his father (the King of All Cosmos) to roll objects small and large into gigantic balls, usually in order to create new stars and planets. He accomplishes this by rolling around a katamari, a spherical object to which almost anything will adhere.

That short description does not at all capture how wonderful, weird, and joyous the world of Katamari is, but rest assured that we are absolutely thrilled to be able to tell some stories about it. Our series begins this Monday, the 17th of September! Read the announcement about it here and make sure to check back on ShiftyLook every Monday and Wednesday for a new installment.

Also don’t forget that Buttersafe will be at SPX this weekend in Maryland! Unfortunately, Ray will not be able to attend, so come by the table and keep me company! We can talk about Buttersafe or Katamari or how to make pupusas or whatever!

Here’s how you get to the Buttersafe table:

Hope to see you soon!

– Alex