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Thursday, February 19th, 2009 :: 3:21 am

Lots to cover today!

– First, out of nowhere, BUTTERSAFE EXPO 2009 IS HERE!  Well, actually it’s not here until April 25th, but the official countdown has begun.  Head over to the main site for more details on the least-requested convention in the world!  And if you want to arrange your own BSX (i.e. find people near you who like pizza) then hit up the forums!

– Secondly, Sanjay (who you may know from the forums and/or his excellent comic Cowbirds In Love) sent us two fantastic comics starring a Buttersafe fan favorite.  Here’s the first one!  Nice.  And here’s the second.  Feel a tad depressed after reading that?  I know I did.  That’s why I was even more delighted to find that today’s Cowbirds In Love continues the tale!

– Thirdly, do you remember the hypothetical remix I proposed for Mr. Triangle?  Apparently Elizabeth B. did, because she went ahead and made it a reality, executing it with finesse.  Click here to check it out!  It may very well be better than the original.

Ok, that is all, aside from all the stuff that I probably forgot to mention.