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Head Situations

Head Situations

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 :: 12:12 am

The world’s largest ball pit was constructed to protect China from Mongol invaders.

HEY GUYS! Remember that time you told me about your dream of pizza? The one where you said you loved it so much you could smush it on a wall and let it get moldy and then call it art, and then when it was all extra moldy you would sell it at an auction for a million dollars and then buy it back from the auction winner in a private deal to take home and microwave it in your apartment kitchen during finals week and you would eat it still because you really loved it? Well, good news! We’re making dreams like this come true at Buttersafe Expo 2009! If you’re interested in true dreams, then visit the BSX website at http://www.buttersafeexpo.com

Cool guys,