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It’s Gerald!

It’s Gerald!

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 :: 2:06 am

Yes, he goes to sleep with his glasses and street clothes on. If you’re going to get to bed before sundown consistently then you have to learn to cut some corners in your schedule.


We had a great weekend this past week at NYCC. Ray pretty much summed it all up on Tuesday with many, many appropriate hyperlinks, so I won’t repeat most of it. It was great seeing all our old friends from that side of the country, and meeting all our new friends from ShiftyLook, who–amongst a million other awesome things they did with us at the convention–threw the swankiest BSX party we’ve ever been to. Speaking of which, we loved seeing pictures of everyone’s own BSX celebrations from all over the world (there was even a family of squatters eating pizza in my house back on the west coast while I was gone, apparently). We are honestly proud to get to take part in a global pizza party every year with you, and by “you” we mean “every human on the planet.”