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Hard Times for the Mummy Man

Hard Times for the Mummy Man

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 :: 12:01 am

Almost as hard as that time he died and had all his guts pulled out and put into jars. Almost.


Aaaaand we’re back. New York Comic Con 2012 was an amazing experience and I/we just want to thank all the new friends we got to make and all the folks who came to support Buttersafe and ShiftyLook. The ShiftyLook team is a great group of people to not just work with, but be friends with. The amount of friendliness and smiles we got from everyone at the con was overwhelming and it really was more than we could’ve ever asked for. Won’t forget that!

Special thanks to ShiftyLook for hosting our annual Buttersafe Expo this year–it was a great success. Thank you to our fans, and also thank you you to our fellow long-time webcomickers & friends, Drew (Left Handed Toons), Sanjay (Cow Birds in Love), Anthony (Nedroid), Greg (artist and guy with a cool mustache), and Joey (new media tech wizard) ¬†for making the trek through the busy streets of New York City to eat pizza with us. And thank you still to all of you who couldn’t celebrate with us in person but still did so in spirit all around the world and for sharing photos with us to let us know you had fun!

Probably more could be said, and Alex might say a couple things, but I’ll leave it at that. We just hope it’s not a once in a lifetime experience and that we can see you all again soon!


PS Check out this sweet experiment/video Joey set up at Buttersafe Expo

PPS Check out videos from the livecasts & panels we did for ShiftyLook here