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Paranormal Detective

Paranormal Detective

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 :: 12:01 am

Almost as dangerous as chicken…noodle…spook.


Can you smell it? Can you almost taste it? It’s later than ever, but Buttersafe Expo 2012 is nearly upon us. On October 13, 2012, we will have our annual celebration of pizza and friends, but mostly pizza. This year’s BSX is extra special because it will be the first BSX Prime on the East Coast, in New York City (courtesy of our friends at ShiftyLook)!

But what if you’re not in NYC? Don’t fret–BSX is a global event–as long as you have pizza and good company, then you are celebrating Buttersafe Expo. If you’d like to meet fellow BSXers in your area, check out our official Buttersafe Expo website for some info to get started: http://www.buttersafeexpo.com

So what are you doing on October 13? For once, your answer can be that you are having pizza with EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD.