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The Darkness

The Darkness

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 :: 5:59 am

There’s not much else to say about BSX 2009 that Ray didn’t already say on Tuesday, or that I haven’t already said on the forums, or that both of us didn’t already say at the Expo, or that historians haven’t already described in their documentation of the event (“greatest pizza-related convention since at least the early mesozoic”). I felt incredibly lucky to find myself in the same room as so many kind, funny, and interesting folks–both old friends and new. It sounds like good times were had at other BSX’s, and I know for certain that copious amounts of pizza were consumed at all locales, so I feel confidant in chalking up Buttersafe Expo 2009 as a rousing success.

That said, Buttersafe Expo 2010: here we come!