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Voices of Nature

Voices of Nature

Thursday, October 16th, 2008 :: 3:52 am

A bunch of neat stuff was sent to us this week by a bunch of neat people.  I’m going to write a sentence, and at the end I’ll put a colon and then list the things that we received:

– If you don’t ever like to navigate your browser away from Facebook yet still wish you could stay updated on Buttersafe, then this Facebook application created by Owen is just the thing for you!  It lets you view the most recent comic right from your profile.  Handy!  As far as we’re concerned, they should just let Owen run Facebook.

– The man known as Japeth (at least on the Buttersafe Forum— his mother probably does not call him this) used the Spore creature creator to craft none other than the lovable Punch Monster.  He made a YouTube video that you can check out here!  Wonderful!  We can only assume that, afterwards, he used his new species to punch everything in the universe.

– Jeremy of wttf.org wrote us a very kind email and attached to it was a comic he made just for us!  Except, if you click on this sentence you can see it too, so now it’s for everyone!  Awesome!  If you like it, there are lots more on his site and presumably he wouldn’t mind if you read them.  That’s what internet is for!

Thanks everyone!