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The Last Pig in the Universe

The Last Pig in the Universe

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 :: 12:00 am

Eventually they gave up their pork-fast and stuck the blue guy on a spit.

Ah, yes. BSX, BSX, Bee Ess Eks. One fact about Buttersafe Expo 2009: the more pizza you eat, the happier you will be! It’s true. Last year at BSX, Alex ate an entire pizza and he was happy for the rest of the day. He smiled this smile where the corners of his mouth went past the corners of his eyes. I couldn’t believe it either but it was true. He just kept smiling and smiling and it kind of creeped me out. Now when he smiles I always feel a little bit uneasy. If you want this to happen to your friends but can’t make it out to the BSX in our town, try finding a BSX near you at the Buttersafe Expo Forum!

Have a safe & fun St. Patrick’s Day, people!