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Blue Leader

Blue Leader

Thursday, March 19th, 2009 :: 3:56 am

Blue Leader just got shot down.

Have you heard of Bebo?  I certainly hadn’t, but apparently it’s a pretty popular social networking thing in certain circles and countries.  I bring it up because cool guy Alex B. (note: not me) created a Tiny Elephant Genius skin for Bebo profiles.  You can see screen shots of it here and here.  Great job, Alex-who-is-not-me!  Looks awesome!  Do you, dear reader, want this skin for your Bebo profile?  Unfortunately, I cannot help you because I have no idea how Bebo works.  You might be able to find it out there somewhere, though.  Who knows!

I do know about Buttersafe Expo 2009, though, and apparently lots of other people do, too, because a number of expos in cities around the world are being planned in the forums.  You should check it out if you like pizza and also meeting new people.