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The Right Solution

The Right Solution

Thursday, January 21st, 2016 :: 12:01 am

But now he faces the much more difficult problem of where yellow and blue come from.


Hi again friends,

If you didn’t catch it last week, I mentioned that our new project, King Death, just recently launched. It’s a strange little half-comic, half-storybook hybrid that looks something like this:

A sample from issue one of King Death

We’re releasing twenty-four double pages like the one above every other month. Similar to Buttersafe, King Death is something we want to be funny and fun and weird and sad and unsettling and enjoyable all at once (or at least in some sort of alternating rotation). Unlike Buttersafe, it is one big story that will unfold over the course of many months and years, provided anyone wants to read it. We certainly want to make it.

Right now, King Death is available exclusively to subscribers of Viewster’s new curated content service, Omakase. Aimed primarily at anime fans, it is a subscription service that includes access to a respectable catalog of high quality streaming anime, a Lootcrate-style anime collectables box, and original content from musicians, artists, and cartoonists such as ourselves. I know anime isn’t everyone’s thang, so I totally get it if this doesn’t sound like the service for you, but if it is, in fact, your thang, then I implore you to read more about it here.

That link is a referral link that helps support all the work we do (both Buttersafe and King Death), and even if you decide not to sign up for Omakase, clicking it still helps us by showing them we have kind folks like you supporting us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for taking the time to read Buttersafe in general. We wouldn’t get to do anything we do if it weren’t for you.