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Punch Monster and the New Acquaintance

Punch Monster and the New Acquaintance

Thursday, April 6th, 2017 :: 12:01 am

They dodged the lethal fist bump.


Hey friendos. If you didn’t see already, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Buttersafe on Monday. In honor of our birthday, we made a new Buttersong about birthdays!

Ten years really is a very long time. It’s to the point where I can’t really remember what my life was like before Buttersafe, nor can I really imagine what my life would be like had Ray and I never started drawing it. Another thing on my list of things that I can’t really fathom (admittedly a long list) is how we could have continued to make this comic for all these years without the support and kindness that you’ve all shown us. Ray and I are generally terrible at responding to messages or maintaining correspondence through email/social media/etc., but know that all the supportive words you’ve sent us and all the times we’ve met you at conventions have really meant a lot to us. I’m not going to get too long-winded or sappy about it, but it makes all the work worth it.

I don’t know what the next ten years will look like for us. Our lives are very different than when we started, and we have a lot of responsibilities and obligations these days we didn’t used to have to deal with, but we will continue trying to make enjoyable things for you for as long as we can.

Thank you.