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Something Weird

Something Weird

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 :: 1:01 am

Yeah, that was pretty weird, but check out this stick with two bugs on it.


Hey, I just realized it’s Buttersafe’s birthday. Happy Butterday to all of you! We work kind of quietly around here, but doing Buttersafe for the past seven years has been of the most rewarding things Ray and I have ever done, and it’s largely due to the fact that we’ve had so many great readers and friends to enjoy the experience with along the way.

Katamari was a huge deal for us this past year or two, but now that it’s all wrapped up, we’ve started brewing up some new Buttersafe projects. If all goes well, year eight of the comic will spawn some new and exciting stuff for us to share with you. Maybe it will make you laugh, maybe it will make you cry. Maybe it will make you scratch your head in confusion. Maybe it will make you do all of those things at once, and people will think you’re crazy and lock you up in the insane asylum. But that’s okay! You’re part of the Buttersafe family, and that’s where we live, and we can all laugh and cry and help each other scratch ourselves through our straightjackets together.