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What Do You Make Here?

What Do You Make Here?

Thursday, December 16th, 2010 :: 5:53 am

There are a lot of pipes.

Everyone!  We are finally going to have a new shirt!  I know approximately twelve generations have passed since we had a new design, but it should actually be happening.

What kind of shirt is it, you ask?  I will give you a hint: it is Veiny Dog.  Veiny Dog.  It is a Veiny Dog shirt.  The shirt has Veiny Dog.

If you think this might be a thing that you want, it will probably be on sale on Monday!  If you want to give this to someone as a Christmas gift and live in the US, you will have a very short window to order one and get it in time.  You will have to order it by Wednesday!  It makes a great last minute present, though.  Just imagine your grandmother’s face when you hand her a shirt that has a dog with hecka veins.