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People Who Like Saddest Turtle

People Who Like Saddest Turtle

Thursday, April 9th, 2015 :: 12:01 am

Another in a long line of comics about Jolly Octopus drawing X’s on Saddest Turtle’s life.

The Katamari comic that we published on the now-defunct ShiftyLook has been collected into a beautiful book by Udon, which is now available for sale. You can purchase it on Amazon, among other places, or read more about it on Udon’s site.

Katamari was a dream project for us. We absolutely love the Katamari world, and getting to do a hundred and fifty comics set in it was so much fun. We tried to make a comic for fans of the series, but we’ve had Katamari veterans and first-timers alike tell us how much they got into the strip, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it whether the word “Katamari” means anything to you yet or not.