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Tiny House

Tiny House

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 :: 12:00 am

Considering the success of the TV with no power button and the engineless car, it was no surprise to see Tiny House sell so well despite the crisis in the housing market.

Hey everybody! Remember those Buttersafe characters made 3D via the game Spore? Well, the man known as Japeth (the guy who made the previous two) has struck again, this time gracing us with three more beautifully rendered Buttersafe characters for your viewing pleasure! Let us begin:

Destructive Neighbor – He means business with his thick upper body and long arms that taper to destructive stubs. He’s got a lovable smile, though, which lets you forget that he just destroyed your house and your family inside.

Big Glasses – Observe his silly walk and dance. He so silly.

Demonic Mole – The creepiest of the bunch, Demonic Mole floats through the galaxy, accompanied only by the eerie hum of dead space. He hopes to find a planet made entirely of skin, after which he’ll meet another mole (or birthmark), settle down, and live happily ever after. The End.

We hope you guys enjoyed those! Only a little more than a month ’til Buttersafe Expo 2009!