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Time Bike

Time Bike

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 :: 2:13 am

When I die, I’m going to have my house demolished and my tombstone erected in its place.

– Alex


As Ray mentioned on Tuesday, Buttersafe Expo 2012 is still going to happen this year, and this time we’ll be in New York City! We had a very busy spring and summer, so BSX slipped later than usual, and since we are going to be in NYC for New York Comic Con in October anyway, our buddies at Shiftylook are being kind enough to host the party. Come eat pizza with us! Please! Don’t starve to death!

However, although we have extensive knowledge of California pizza eateries, we don’t where to go in New York! If you can think of a cool, affordable pizza place in New York City (preferably near the Javits Center!) e-mail at buttersafe at gmail dot com or tweet us @buttersafe.