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Five Little Turkeys

Five Little Turkeys

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 :: 1:33 am

This is a good, basic rhyme you can teach a child if you want them to be uneasy about moms.


I’m in Japan right now, thanks to our buddies at ShiftyLook! I am doing all sorts of Katamari related things. I have eaten so many waffles here which is something that I did not expect, but every trip I take to Japan seems to be a new adventure. A new, waffle-shaped adventure.

Back in North America, Mr. Ryan North has written an exciting new choosable adventure version of Hamlet, which can only be described as “objectively better than the original Hamlet.” We are among the many artists that are helping to illustrate it, and it should be great! The Kickstarter campaign has already far surpassed its goal, but you can still get in on it if it seems like something you would like to get in on.

– Alex