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Sandwich Delivery

Sandwich Delivery

Thursday, September 5th, 2013 :: 1:01 am

He’s young and inexperienced, and hasn’t learned yet that adults call the grilled cheese hotline instead of calling their mothers.


Folks: I want to say how much I appreciate everyone who had pizza with us for BSX last Saturday. We want BSX to be a time when everybody can relax and appreciate friends, family, and tasty food, and year after year it seems like you guys really get into that spirit. Every photograph we received from a BSX celebration warmed our hearts, and every pizza we saw… watered our mouths(?)

Also, extra shout outs to everyone who came and ate pizza with us in person. You are all super fun to talk to and discuss professional Starcraft with, and never once were we worried that any of you were planning on murdering us, which is a quality we appreciate in all the people we meet.

Thanks so much for making BSX such a fun day. We’re already looking forward to eating pizza with everyone in the world again next year!