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Rocks On My Head

Rocks On My Head

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 :: 6:38 am

Guys. Seriously. Seriously guys.

Everyone: this is it. The final news post before BUTTERSAFE EXPO 2009. The next time this site updates, it will take place in a post-BSX 2009 world, and that is something we will all have to deal with in our own ways. If you’re still planning on going to or setting up a BSX at one of the many locations in the world that is not Pinole, California, you had better cross your fingers and run as fast as you can to the forums. To anyone planning on attending, we look forward to sitting around and eating pizza with you, whether we are physically in your presence or sharing the experience with you in a more global sense. As Ray mentioned on Tuesday, if you feel like sharing photos of your BSX experience, you can add them to the BSX Flickr pool. Regardless, whether you have a giant party you want to document and share with everyone or if you just want to enjoy a slice by yourself, we hope the joy of eating pizza reaches each and every one of you this weekend.

But until that time, Josh has carried on the tradition of translating Buttersafe characters into Spore creatures with this awesome video of Skeleton Harvester that he created, so you should check it out while you wait!