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Punch Monster and the Mountain of Grapes

Punch Monster and the Mountain of Grapes

Thursday, April 10th, 2008 :: 1:43 am

Punch Monster and Saddest Turtle in the same week? It must be the Buttersafe Birthday Month Madness.

Speaking of which, two pieces of awesome Buttersafe-related art were sent to us this week! First this rad birthday card (even if the butter does not remain safe, its enemies are certain to experience severe retribution), sent to us by Mister Ted Wood, who you may or may not remember seeing here suffering major damage to his arteries.

Second, this non-birthday related but still crazy sweet video of reader ozwalled drawing everyone’s favorite romantic, Skeleton Harvester. If I die, we will have ozwalled take over the Thursday comic spot and do a weekly Skeleton Harvester strip. [FUN FACT: my original idea for the Skeleton Harvester comic involved him actually harvesting someone’s skeleton. I’d tell you how he was going to do it, but I think it’s better if you just imagine what he does with that giant hand of his.]

Finally, thanks to everyone who wrote in to support me in my kiwi eating habits. There seems to be a fairly large contingent of us kiwi skin eaters and, quite frankly, I’m dissappointed that we don’t receive better media visibility or politcal representaion.


P.S.  I feel like the Birthday Madness should conclude with a bang.  Something like… Buttersafe Expo 2008. Check back next week for the launch of the official convention website.