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The Journey

The Journey

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 :: 4:42 am

He’s kind of like Sisyphus, but instead of a boulder he’s got fly kicks.


Okay people, that unmistakable aura of pizza can only mean one thing:

Buttersafe Expo 2011!

We are happy to finally announce that BSX 2011 will be taking place on June 25th! It’s a little later than usual this year, but that just means that the pizza will be finely aged.

For those of you not familiar with BSX, it is a day where we all eat pizza together. And by “we,” I mean everyone in the world. Ray and I will be eating pizza in Pinole, CA and would love to hang out with you in person, but if you are not nearby, have your own BSX wherever it is most convenient for you! Order a pizza and chow down in your room. Gather up your friends and head down to the closest pizza parlor. OR! Visit our forum and see if there’s anyone nearby who’d like to come eat pizza with you! It’s always fun to meet new, nice people, and then consume melted cheese with them.

Whatever you do, on June 25th, it is pizza time.